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November 13, 2001 My next goals are to move monkeylrp to the latest kernel and add bzip2 compression as a replacement to gzip packages. Unfortunately I'm not capable of updating the kernel patchs to do this. They won't work with anything above 2.4.6 kernel. Volunteers are welcome. I personally think that bzip2 compression will allow the normal 1.68mb packages to fit on a 1.44mb floppy.
July 15, 2001 1.68mb image is now available. This one is an initial non-generic image with SSHD and DHCLIENT packages. I actually have this one running on my home network. I set it with a default password of "changeme". IPtables entries are in Network Configuration (direct). It's set for for the internal ip address. Also I generated the sshd key on the system. Use the modules-2.4.6.tar.gz to load your own modules onto the system. Ne2k-pci and 3c509 are the only ones included.
July 7, 2001 LRP patched 2.4.6 modules and kernel available. The 2.4.5 kernel previously posted had problems with loading the iptables modules. I've also uploaded newer lrp packages matched with 2.4.6 modules and two floppy disk images with the new stuff. This means you have to have two floppy drives on your system. Modules.lrp has a 3c509, tlan, ne2kpci, and eepro* modules.
July 6, 2001 LRP patched 2.4.5 modules and kernel available. bzImage does work. I'll upload a 1.68mb image this weekend once I can confirm the IPtables modules work. Kernel is UPX compressed.
July 4, 2001 New guide on LRP patching a linux kernel. LRP kernel guide

I should have something ready by this weekend to get this started. (As in 7/8/02)

Goals of project:
2.4.x series kernel
Use UPX compression on kernel to reduce space.
Use a 1.68mb formatted floppy.
IPTABLES rulebase that can be configured though a web browser.
Configure server through web browser.
Possibility of using two floppies until install script is streamlined.
Build packages for portsentry, watchdog, status (monitor network connections), SSHD, bandwidth management, vpn support, DNS, DHCP, Linux Virtual Server & more (depending on what gets done).